Prospect Notes: Kiekko-Vantaa - TPS U16

Posted at 2017-02-26 by Marco Bombino

01 F Leevi Teissala – TPS U16: Teissala has excellent hands and great quickness in his first three strides, accelerating quickly and separating himself from opponents. He has the ability to handle the puck at high speeds. He controlled the game when he had the puck and made many heads up passes in the offensive zone. At times the winger tried to do too much on his own – the skill level is very strong, however.

02 F Topias Kaski – TPS U16: Kaski was around the puck a lot in the first period. He made several smart passes and had nice playmaking skills and good hockey IQ away from the puck. A balanced skater with good mobility, the center wasn’t flashy today but his solid and efficient game stood out nonetheless.

02 F Niki Korpialho – TPS U16: Korpialho a big and versatile prospect with an excellent work ethic. He made a great pass on TPS’ third goal, winning his battle in front of the net and using his size and reach to his advantage. Korpialho is a really good, agile skater with powerful strides. He had pretty good puck skills. The coaches trusted in the ’02 as he played in key situations for TPS, including penalty kill.

01 F Aapo Kaskinen – TPS U16: Kaskinen scored two of TPS’ three goals and assisted one goal. Showed very good stickhandling skills and scoring touch around the net. His passes were crisp and accurate. He combined above-average puck skills with smooth skating and good overall mobility.

01 F Jaani Holopainen – Kiekko-Vantaa U16: Holopainen scored the first goal for Kiekko-Vantaa with a precise finish on a breakaway. He has a very good shot selection but is also capable of setting up scoring chances. Not very big, however, he made a strong net drive in the second period showing strength on the puck. Skilled player with good situational awareness.