Eeli Tolvanen

Position: left wing
Shoots: Left
Born: 1999-04-22 / Vihti, Finland
Height 179 cm
Weight 79 kg
Team: Jokerit

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Drafted by Nashville Predators in 2017 #30

  • 2018-01-02 at Finland - Czech Republic, WJC by Asko Huuki

    Eeli Tolvanen played fantastic game in the quarterfinals against Czech Republic. He totaled nine shots, got primary assist when Kristian Vesalainen connected to the rebound of winger’s scoring attempt and he made great job blocking the goalie’s view in Finland’s second goal. Unfortunately he couldn’t score today and only hit the crossbar in the second period. He also failed in shootout.

    Tolvanen has quick shot which he uses a lot. Unfortunately it was inaccurate through the tournament and he only scored once. However Tolvanen was still one of the best Finnish forwards. He showed a lot of effort, checked effectively and he was energetic. His skating has improved and he was usually one of the quickest players on ice. Tolvanen showed some grit too and made couple of heavy hits.

    Winger has good work ethic but he often tries to search for breakaways and while this often leads to his scoring opportunities, it occasionally causes some problems in defense. Tolvanen has gained some strength and he is nowadays pretty hard to knock down. He shows good vision and even though his passing could be more accurate, he makes constantly right decisions in the offensive end with and without the puck. He is underrated as a playmaker and he created multiple scoring chances for his linemates in every game.

  • 2017-07-28 at Jokerit - Kunlun Red Star, KHL Preseason by Marco Bombino

    Tolvanen had an impressive debut for Jokerit in a preseason game against Kunlun Red Star. He made several highly skilled plays on the power play. Known as a great goal-scorer, today he also showcased excellent puck poise and vision to set up teammates with cross-ice passes. He also took one rocket of a wrist shot in the first period that hit the crossbar. He made smart passes at even strength, too, showing lots of ability with the puck. Has great offensive awareness and quick hands. However, while his shot features a very quick release, the accuracy could have been much better as he had several good looks in the offensive zone.

    Tolvanen’s skating and top speed looked rather strong for an 18-year-old prospect playing against men. He has pretty good mobility and quickness in his first few strides. Additionally, he had a surprisingly strong stick and didn’t avoid battles. He also threw one solid hit in the first period.


  • 2016-12-03 at Bloomington Thunder - Sioux City Musketeers, USHL by Asko Huuki

    Tolvanen showed once again why he is one of the most interesting players in 2017 NHL Draft while gathering goal and assist against Bloomington Thunder. He has everything you want from the offensive player. Tolvanen is mostly known for his deadly shot, but to me his best asset is his extremely high hockey IQ as he usually makes the right decisions even when there’s not much time.

    Forward also makes precise and sharp passes, is a very good stickhandler and he creates scoring opportunities for his linemates often. However he needs to improve his defensive game as he just seems to be preparing for offense when the game is at own area.

    His biggest question marks for this season were skating and physical game and even though those aspects still needs more work, Tolvanen seems to have improved greatly at both. Especially his skating looks really fluid and he has better top speed than before.

  • 2016-11-12 at Tri-City Storm - Sioux City Musketeers, USHL by Miika Arponen

    Despite being somewhat diminutive in height, Tolvanen is a complete package as an offensive player. He is speedy, has a very high hockey IQ and his shot – both wrister and slapshot – are deadly. He has smooth hands and is a dangerous player on 1-on-1’s too.

    While his compete level is high, he forechecks hard and doesn’t really shy away from battles, he could still use a bit more muscle and develop his physical game further.

    Tolvanen does give nice passes from time to time, but he is a bit onedimensional – which is always not a bad thing considering who good his shot is. He is also relatively good as a two-way forward.

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 Season Team League GP G A TP PIM      Playoffs GP G A TP PIM 
 2012-2013 Kiekko-Espoo U16 ChU16 SM-sarja1 2 02 0|        
 2013-2014 Kiekko-Espoo U16 ChU16 SM-sarja1 1 12 0|        
  Kiekko-Espoo U16U16 SM-sarja Q8 13 922 20|        
  Kiekko-Espoo U16U16 SM-sarja28 43 3376 6|Playoffs10 5 510
  Kiekko-Espoo U18U18 SM-sarja10 2 46 0|Playoffs1 0 00
 2014-2015 Kiekko-Espoo U16U16 SM-sarja0 0 00 0|Playoffs4 5 49
  Kiekko-Espoo U18U18 SM-sarja41 39 4584 24|Playoffs9 1 34 14 
  Kiekko-Espoo U20U20 SM-sarja7 2 35 2|        
  Finland U16 (all)International-Jr5 4 59 12|        
  Finland U17 (all)International-Jr7 2 13 2|        
 2015-2016 Sioux City MusketeersUSHL49 17 2138 12|        
  Finland U18 Hlinka Gretzky Cup5 1 12 0|        
  Finland U17WHC-175 9 110 0|        
  Finland U18WJC-187 7 29 0|        
 2016-2017 Sioux City MusketeersUSHL52 30 2454 26|Playoffs13 5 510
  Finland U20WJC-206 2 46 2|        
  Finland U20 (all)International-Jr15 7 916 8|        
 2017-2018 JokeritKHL49 19 1736 28|Playoffs11 6 17
  Nashville PredatorsNHL3 0 00 0|        
  Finland U20WJC-205 1 56 4|        
  Finland U20 (all)International-Jr6 2 57 4|        
  Finland EHT3 2 13 0|        
  FinlandOG5 3 69 4|        
  FinlandWC4 2 24 2|        
  Finland (all)International13 7 916 8|        
 2018-2019 Nashville PredatorsNHL4 1 12 0|        
  Milwaukee AdmiralsAHL58 15 2035 24|Playoffs5 0 00
  Finland U20WJC-207 0 44 2|        
  Finland U20 (all)International-Jr8 1 45 2|        
 2019-2020 Milwaukee AdmiralsAHL63 21 1536 18|        
 2020-2021 JokeritKHL25 5 813 10|        
  Nashville PredatorsNHL40 11 1122 4|Playoffs4 0 00
 2021-2022 Nashville PredatorsNHL75 11 1223 16|Playoffs3 1 01
 2022-2023 Nashville PredatorsNHL13 2 24 4|        
  Seattle KrakenNHL48 16 1127 10|Playoffs14 3 58
 2023-2024 Seattle KrakenNHL- - -- -|        

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