Eetu Randelin

Position: goalie
Catches: Left
Born: 2001-11-12 / Espoo, Finland
Height 180 cm
Weight 80 kg
Team: Jukurit
  • 2018-10-28 at Ässät - Jukurit, U20 by Asko Huuki

    Randelin has been statistically one of the best goalies in Finnish U20 league. His save percentage at the moment is almost 92%, third best of the league from the goalies who have played for at least 1/3 of the games. The Jukurit goalie continued impressive season in a game against Ässät which Jukurit won 3-1. Randelin had 29 saves during the game.

    Randelin played really solid game. He was constantly stable and he did not allow easy goals. He had some problems with rebound control, but his lateral movement, overall quickness and technique is already at impressive level. He had no problems with his glove and it was both quick and secure. Also his puck-handling was above average for this level. He stopped the puck well behind the net and he was able to give solid passes when he needed to.

    The goalie is bit too small for the typical modern goalie and he had some problems holding the ground when there was traffic in front of goal. Due to his size there was some open space in the upper corners, but he cuts down the angle aggressively and his quick reflexes helped him a lot. Even though the size is an issue, there’s a lot to like in his game.


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 Season Team League GP GAA SVS%      Playoffs GP GAA SVS%
 2014-2015 Jukurit U16Jr. C Aluesarja1 - .854|      
  Jukurit U16Jr. C Suomi-sarja1 - .931|      
 2015-2016 Finland Selects U15WSI U153 2.68 .899|      
  Jukurit U17Jr. B2 Mestis Q8 - .948|      
  Jukurit U17Jr. B2 Mestis6 - .945|      
  Jukurit U18Jr. B Mestis Q0 - -|      
  Jukurit U18Jr. B Mestis1 - .882|      
 2016-2017 Jukurit/PiPS U16Jr. C Mestis Q1 - .891|      
  Jukurit/PiPS U16Jr. C Mestis- - -|      
  Jukurit U18Jr. B Mestis Q11 - .915|      
  Jukurit U18Jr. B Mestis10 - .899|      
 2017-2018 Jukurit U18Jr. B Mestis Q14 - .929|      
  Jukurit U18Jr. B Mestis11 2.36 .925|      
  Jukurit U20Jr. A SM-liiga7 2.40 .887|      
 2018-2019 Jukurit U18Jr. B Mestis Q2 1.00 .972|      
  Jukurit U18Jr. B SM-sarja7 3.00 .919|      
  Jukurit U20Jr. A SM-liiga33 - .911|Playoffs4 4.50 .888
  JukuritLiiga0 - -|      
  Finland U18 (all)International-Jr1 - .857|      
 2019-2020 Jukurit U20Jr. A SM-liiga33 - .908|Playoffs3 - .911
  JukuritLiiga1 2.06 .913|      
  SaPKoMestis1 3.00 .875|      
  Finland U20 (all)International-Jr3 - .962|      
 2020-2021 JukuritLiiga- - -|      

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