Matias Mäntykivi

Position: center
Shoots: Left
Born: 2001-06-21 / Lappeenranta
Height 181 cm
Weight 72 kg
Team: SaiPa

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Drafted by Boston Bruins in 2019 #185

  • 2019-01-05 at JYP - SaiPa, U20 by Lassi Alanen

    Mäntykivi recorded just over 20 minutes of ice time in SaiPa’s 6-3 loss against JYP. He was centering their second line and running the power play from the right half-wall.

    Mäntykivi’s biggest strength is his offensive skill. He showed good stickhandling in tight spaces and made a couple of really smart passes which resulted in good scoring chances for his linemates. Even though he was held pointless in this game, most of the time Mäntykivi seemed to be in the right areas in the offensive zone.

    The 5’11” center showed above-average edgework, but he seemed to lack breakaway speed. Mäntykivi’s feet looked surprisingly heavy for a player his size. Most of the time, he was the last forward to return to the defensive zone after an attacking play. His lack of speed was also limiting his ability to create controlled zone exits.

    Mäntykivi positioning in the defensive zone was decent, but in transitions, it could have been better. He did not hesitate to throw his body around and made a couple of nice hits in the offensive zone. Overall, Mäntykivi certainly has some interesting qualities, but his lack of speed left me a bit worried.


  • 2018-10-27 at SaiPa - Blues, U20 by Asko Huuki

    Mäntykivi recorded 26 minutes of ice time in a game against Blues, by far the most from his team. The forward was excellent in the first period and he created multiple really good scoring chances for his teammates, but he became more invisible as the game progressed.

    To me, Mäntykivi seemed bigger than his measurement claims. He used his frame really well while forechecking and backchecking. With the puck, he showed great decision-making, calmness and vision. The center does not make impressive dekes, but he protected the puck really well and his body fakes were efficient. I also liked that he wanted to go to in front of goal when possible.

    His skating looks heavy and it could be a lot smoother. Probably because of this and his heavy workload, his game seemed to miss some intensity. His defensive game and positioning at the own end were good however and he played a lot in the penalty kill. Mäntykivi also has some grit in his game making him efficient in board battles.

    Mäntykivi has many interesting qualities and if he is able to improve his skating, he could improve greatly in the future.

  • 2017-08-26 at K-Vantaa - SaiPa, U18 by Marco Bombino

    Mäntykivi’s game stood out today since his very first shifts of the game. He recorded two points, including one goal in a 4-0 SaiPa win. Mäntykivi was very strong and active away from the puck, played with a lot of intensity and won puck battles. He also made a very nice play in the first period, displaying his stickhandling skills before taking a good shot off a defenseman’s skates. He had above-average puck skills and vision. He could be more explosive and work on his agility and footwork, but the offensive skills and compete were there.


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 Season Team League GP G A TP PIM      Playoffs GP G A TP PIM 
 2015-2016 SaiPa U16U16 SM-sarja16 7 1421 6|        
 2016-2017 SaiPa U16U16 SM-sarja Q18 11 1526 30|        
  SaiPa U16U16 SM-sarja5 9 413 0|        
  SaiPa U18U18 Mestis Q2 1 56 0|        
  SaiPa U18U18 Mestis14 11 1223 8|Playoffs2 1 12 25 
 2017-2018 SaiPa U18U18 Mestis Q14 14 1832 8|        
  SaiPa U18U18 SM-sarja12 13 1124 18|        
  SaiPa U20U20 SM-sarja29 8 513 2|        
  Finland U17 (all)International-Jr7 0 00 2|        
 2018-2019 SaiPa U18U18 SM-sarja9 7 613 16|        
  SaiPa U20U20 SM-sarja34 12 2436 44|        
  SaiPaLiiga6 1 01 0|        
  KetteräMestis11 0 44 0|Playoffs13 1 56
  Finland U18 (all)International-Jr9 1 34 4|        
  Finland U20 (all)International-Jr4 1 12 0|        
 2019-2020 SaiPa U20U20 SM-sarja2 1 12 0|        
  SaiPaLiiga42 3 36 8|        
  KetteräMestis8 0 77 6|        
  Finland U20 (all)International-Jr8 3 25 8|        
 2020-2021 SaiPaLiiga43 1 89 18|        
  Finland U20WJC-205 0 11 0|        
 2021-2022 IlvesLiiga51 12 1931 24|Playoffs14 3 14
 2022-2023 IlvesLiiga60 12 2133 20|Playoffs12 3 912
  IlvesChampions HL6 0 22 2|        
 2023-2024 IlvesLiiga- - -- -|        

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