Oskari Salminen

Position: goalie
Catches: Left
Born: 1999-09-22 / Kotka, Finland
Height 194 cm
Weight 91 kg
Team: KooKoo
  • 2018-01-19 at Kärpät - KooKoo, U20 by Asko Huuki

    Salminen has become the starting goaltender for KooKoo’s U20 team during the season and his saving percentage is one of the best in the league. During the game against Kärpät he allowed four goals but he also made astounding 59 saves.

    Salminen is big and calm goaltender. He relies on his big size and doesn’t make too many unnecessary moves. Instead he tries to cover as much from the net as possible and he makes saves with quick reflexes. However I think his lateral movement requires more work and he made himself smaller than he really is while he was down in butterfly. Also his play with the stick is pretty much non-existent.

    Goalie made great job at finding where the puck is through the traffic and he did surprisingly good job with his rebound control. He was also quick with his pads and went very quickly in and out of the butterfly and didn’t give chance to beat him through five-hole. Salminen obviously needs to improve many aspects of the game including many things in his technique, but he is extremely hard to be beaten with low shots and thanks to his big size, his progress is definitely worthy of monitoring.



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 Season Team League GP GAA SVS%      Playoffs GP GAA SVS%
 2014-2015 HKKJ U16U16 SM-sarja Q2 - .885|      
  HKKJ U16U16 Mestis7 - .894|      
  HKKJ U16U16 Suomi-sarja4 - .940|      
 2015-2016 HKKJ U18U18 Mestis Q14 - .912|      
  HKKJ U18U18 Suomi-sarja21 - .925|      
  HKKJ U20U20 Mestis2 - .815|      
 2016-2017 HKKJ U20U20 Mestis29 - .905|Relegation1 3.03 .917
  TitaanitSuomi-sarja0 - -|      
  KooKoo U20U20 SM-sarja1 4.11 .857|      
 2017-2018 KooKoo U18U18 SM-sarja1 4.00 .902|Playoffs5 2.00 .952
  KooKoo U20U20 SM-sarja38 2.43 .919|Playoffs3 1.67 .950
 2018-2019 KooKoo U20U20 SM-sarja17 - .913|      
  KooKooLiiga16 2.94 .900|      
  Kiekko-VantaaMestis1 3.00 .727|      
 2019-2020 SaPKoMestis27 2.82 .898|      
  SaPKoSuomen Cup2 - .908|      
 2020-2021 KooKooLiiga14 1.99 .911|Playoffs1 2.11 .889
 2021-2022 JukuritLiiga55 2.07 .920|Playoffs5 2.40 .904
 2022-2023 Manitoba MooseAHL39 3.06 .896|Playoffs4 2.25 .923
 2023-2024 Manitoba MooseAHL5 3.73 .860|      

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