Veini Vehviläinen

Position: goalie
Catches: Left
Born: 1997-02-13 / Jyväskylä
Height 184 cm
Weight 79 kg
Team: Kärpät

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Drafted by Columbus Blue Jackets in 2018 #173

  • 2018-04-23 at Tappara - Kärpät, Liiga by Asko Huuki

    Vehviläinen has been the starting goalie for Kärpät during the playoffs and this evening was no different. This was the fourth game in the Liiga finals and this was the first opportunity for Kärpät to win the championship. Kärpät lost this game but Vehviläinen played yet another solid game making 34 saves and allowing only two goals. Despite being magnificent in U18 World Championships back in 2015, his ability to handle pressure has been in doubt. However this spring Vehviläinen has been in awesome form during the playoffs having saving percentage of 93,50 in 15 games.

    While Vehviläinen is not small, his size is not ideal for the modern goaltender. That’s why he is very active on ice and he cuts the angles very aggressively. This occasionally gives potential scoring opportunities if opponent makes quick passes. Also his stance after making saves looks bit awkward occasionally.

    Vehviläinen has always been technically strong having good positioning, solid glove and pads, quick reflexes and quick movement, but during the last few years he has really improved the reading of the game. His puck-handling skills still needs some improvement, but he is more consistent these days and he doesn’t give up soft goals anymore. Vehviläinen also has solid rebound control and I liked that he didn’t go to ice too easily and instead focused on blocking as much from the net as possible.



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 Season Team League GP GAA SVS%      Playoffs GP GAA SVS%
 2012-2013 JYP U16Jr. C SM-sarja Q1 4.08 .879|      
  JYP U16Jr. C SM-sarja3 2.00 .938|      
  JYP U18Jr. B SM-sarja25 3.01 .918|      
  JYP U20Jr. A SM-liiga1 3.23 .933|      
  Finland U16 (all)International-Jr6 4.10 .891|      
 2013-2014 JYP U18Jr. B SM-sarja4 3.75 .862|      
  JYP U20Jr. A SM-liiga29 2.89 .919|      
  Finland U17 (all)International-Jr2 0.67 .977|      
  Finland U18 (all)International-Jr1 8.45 -|      
 2014-2015 JYP U20Jr. A SM-liiga17 3.09 .918|      
  JYP-AkatemiaMestis26 2.57 .917|Playoffs4 2.56 .922
  JYPLiiga0 - -|      
  Finland U18Hlinka Gretzky Cup2 5.50 .841|      
  Finland U18WJC-187 1.65 .949|      
  Finland U18 (all)International-Jr17 3.15 .909|      
 2015-2016 JYPChampions HL1 2.00 .929|      
  JYPLiiga28 2.04 .925|Playoffs3 3.70 .796
  JYP-AkatemiaMestis7 2.92 .925|      
  Finland U20WJC-204 3.79 .838|      
  Finland U20 (all)International-Jr10 - .877|      
 2016-2017 JYPLiiga9 2.29 .912|      
  JYPChampions HL2 1.51 .943|      
  JYP-AkatemiaMestis7 2.45 .904|      
  SportLiiga9 2.12 .923|      
  Finland U20WJC-206 1.51 .931|      
  Finland U20 (all)International-Jr15 - .922|      
 2017-2018 KärpätLiiga35 1.89 .925|Playoffs17 1.57 .933
 2018-2019 KärpätLiiga38 1.58 .933|      
  KärpätChampions HL6 2.34 .905|      
  Finland EHT4 0.98 .958|      
  Finland (all)International- - -|      

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